Friday, August 6, 2010

Funky Fridays

Lots going on this weekend. First and foremost if you support local Chicago comics, hell if you just want to lounge around in a $10 million theater like your rich, get YOUR entire ASS up to the Mayne Stage this Saturday for the "Lakeshore Presents" showcase with Drew Michael, Beth Stelling, Junior Stopka, and Mike Stanley, plus some surprises. All for $5.... Wait let me spell that out for you F-I-V-E DOLLARS! Cant beat that with a baseball bat, plus it really is the best talent in the city. I know, I know, it's father north then Santa's fucking workshop, but trust me, it will be worth it. Also this weekend you got tons of other showcase options like: Red Bar Comedy Show and a Showcase @ The Edge Comedy Club, just to name a few. For a super way more complete listing check out 5 Drink Minimum's Chicago comedy calendar. Happy Friday!

Yo!! The Open Mic @ Rockit has been CANCELLED I went in there and it sounds like it's once a month but no word on the next show....

James Allen Kamp