Monday, August 9, 2010

Interview with Junior Stopka!

I got chance to interview Junior Stopka after he performed a great set on Saturday night as part of the Lakeshore Theater Presents showcase at the Mayne Stage in Rogers Park.

Junior went for a solid 30 minutes and had the audience in Stitches the entire time. If you have never seen Junior perform live, YOU are missing out, they guy really is an amazing talent.

His style is a little hard to describe. Definitely edgy, manically endearing and slightly creepy. A young Williams Carlin hybrid? But whatever his "style" is, it works.

Junior just has an ability to connect to whatever audience happens to be in front of him at any given show. Audiences like him, I like him you will like him too. Someone to watch in 2010

Full interview is now online!

James Allen Kamp