Sunday, August 8, 2010

Comedy of Chicago: Lakeshore Theater Presents!

Damn what a great show last night! The Mayne Stage in Rogers Park hosted the Lakeshore Theater Presents Stone Cold Comedy (yeah I know it's a mouthful) and it was a nice slice of heaven for all Chicago comedy fans and Lakeshore Theater supporters in particular. Hosted by funny girl Stacey Norgren, the show was a who's who of the great comedy scene here in the Chicagoland area. First came Drew Michael who was his usual sardonic self "Makeup sex is nothing compared to restraining order sex". Mike Stanley was polished as always explaining how he would not do well in prison "lets face it folks I'm rape-able". Beth Stelling was KILLING the crowd last night with her self mocking deadpan one liners "so I was on my way to CVS..... for dinner". And last but not least you got Junior Stopka who had the crowd in the palm of his hand with his first freaking joke, "I'll tell ya who gives the best head... VAGINAAAA!" Over 90 minutes of grade A, uncut, real deal, art of comedy material. Comic after comic, joke after joke. Last night's show was a perfect example of why I do this blog, and why I think the Chicago Comedy scene is the best in the country and should be blowing up in a huge way. This is not hyperbole or ass kissing, the scene here is unlike any comedy scene anywhere else period. I hope they do more of theses showcases at the Mayne Stage because the place is perfect for it.

James Allen Kamp