Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome to Comedy of Chicago

Well here we go the first freaking post of Comedy of Chicago. Our goal is to be a comprehensive site/blog that supports and informs those involved in the Chicago Comedy scene both as performers, supporters and spectators. The main impetus for the creation of this site was the lack, as I see it, of sites that are dedicated to blogging/reporting about the scene as a whole. Now before you scream at me about the great Chicago comedy sites like: bellarossa.blogspot.com, 5 Drink Minimum, Comedians You Should Know or Chicago Underground Comedy, let me simply say those sites are great and they promote very well their own rooms or comedic view point. What we (by we I mean me and my invisible interns) are trying to do is bring it all together and to post about the whole scene on a (almost) daily basis. If your new to the scene, you should be aware that there is great comedy to be had Mon-Sun in this town and our goal is to bring it to you through reviews of open mics and local showcases, interviews with comics and producers, upcoming shows and links to anybody doing anything good for comedy in Chicago.