Monday, September 20, 2010

Comedians You Should Know Review!

Junior Stopka
Good Fellas Comedy
What a hectic week. Lot’s a shit went down but it was all good stuff for this site. We got two new contributors from the Chicago Comedy scene who will be announced soon and I went to 6 shows in seven days. On Wednesday I checked out Comedians You Should Know which is every Wednesday night at Timothy O’tooles in downtown Chicago.

What I like about this outfit is they know how to run a comedy show. The whole operation is pure class. If you have never been you should really check it out, the cover is $10 but you can get tickets online for $5. The bar itself is very nice in a Cheers kind of way and a good destination on its own but the fact that the show takes place in a fancy back room away from the bar noise is what sold me.

What I really like is they put out seats as the room fills up, so if your party walks in and there are no seats BAM! They will run out a table and chairs to seat you immediately, Good Fellas style. Love that. Drew Michaels was the host and kept the show running smoothly. I like Drew, he’s funny and can riff with the best although I’d like to see him come up with some new material since I’ve heard the same Jewish cookie joke like 30 times.

Danny Kallas
I just happen to be standing next to Danny Kallas when Junior Stopka approached him and asked "when do I get to fucking host?" Danny Just laughs. Later I asked Junior “how many times have you hosted this show?” Junior Barks “Never!” “Why not?” “Cause they’re a bunch of fags!" Heh.

Internal politics aside the show was very good. Junior does his set, big laughs. The special guest Prashanth Venkataramanujam goes on, great stuff. Danny Kalas goes up and KILLS IT! It was the funniest shit I’ve seen Danny do, straight up. He must have all new material cause I didn’t recognize one joke and it was all hilarious. I love the bit about having to sleep in bed with his dad and then having a wet dream, stupid funny.

Yep it’s a funny, tight, smoothly run, professional comedy showcase. If you haven’t seen these guys, you are missing one of the tightest ships in the Chicago comedy scene, do yourself a favor and check it out.

James Allen Kamp