Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Depresion Hour Open Mic

How can I describe Junior Stopka's and Tia Ayers' Depression Hour Open Mic Well it's just what it sounds like, folks go up, not necessarily comics, and tell a depressing as hell story.  That's about it.  Is it god awful?  No it's actually quite intriguing, and here and there a couple of laughs are heard.  But don't misunderstand, this is not your typical open mic and the stories told are depressing for sure.  Tales of drug addiction, domestic abuse, divorce, and homelessness are common place.  But it was a fascinating bit of theater and told by a diverse group of folks.  A  were on the stage when I went and the hosts Junior Stopka and Tia Ayers tell their own tales of woe as well.  I actually dig the concept and think it's a interesting alternative to your standard chicago comedy open mic scene. Not that I'd like to see a ton of rooms do this but there was certain aspect of performance art that I thought was really cool and sort of brilliant.  If your so inclined you should check it out and tell you own sad tale, I'm told it can be therapeutic.  Every Monday night, 10:30 PM, @ Underground Lounge. 952 W. Newport off of Clark St.