Thursday, September 30, 2010

James Fritz Album Recording

James Fritz Live!
James Fritz recorded a live performance for his "Deflated" CD last night at the Chicago Underground Comedy Showcase. All I can say is Fritz killed it. He fucking killed it, then stuffed it and then nailed it to the wall.

I have seen this guy perform many times and last night, was in my opinion, his best performance I've seen thus far. He was on fire, the standing room only crowd was on fire, opening comic Beth Stelling was on fire, the host Marty DeRosa was on fire and the crowded hot room felt like it was literally on fire.

Fritz's set was so good I really can’t write that much about it. The man had a perfect storm. The crowd, the material, his timing, it was all pitch perfect.

If you have never seen this comic perform you are missing out. His sense of humor is like a buzz saw cutting though the bullshit of American pop culture.

A great night for him and I look forward to the release of his CD.

James Allen Kamp