Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Riot Comedy Showcase Review

Liza Treyger

I went to the Riot Comedy Showcase on Thursday night at Chicago Joes on Irving Park. The layout is old school diner kitsch, the kind that TGIF clones pay millions to have interior decorator s recreate but Chicago Joes just oozes out of its greasy walls naturally.

I really liked this room because first of all they have great Specials, $4 Cheeseburger with fries, $ 2PBR drafts and $3 Jameson shots. And they are posted on the WALL BEHIND THE MIC! Love that, no confusion, no sheepishly asking for the specials, just focused drunken gluttony goodness.

 I sat down in the back room where the show ase takes place and order 1 shot, 1 PBR and a cheeseburger for $9, awesome. So the show starts and I am immediately concerned. The host is a bit corny and struggles for consistent laughs. But Drew Frees comes on and Kills it, his shit is tight, on point and solid, a great set that had the whole room laughing. Liza Treyger comes up, she is one of the founding members of Riot and I’ve seen her perform many times.

She does her sandy vagina bit which is good and gets the crowd going. I think she’s funny as hell, her bits are good and her timing is well developed, she's a great comedian and one of the few in the scene I keep an eye on. All in all a great show with solid comedians and a good bargain at $8 or 2 for 1. If you have not been to Riot on a Thursday night it’s great place to check out Chicago comedy

James Allen Kamp