Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bootleg Comedy Showcase!

Went to the Bootleg Showcase at Pitch Bar.  What a great venue for comedy.  I was really impressed with the layout of this place, the bar is huge, seems fairly new and has a big separate room for the show.  Speaking of the show, it was great, one of the better showcases in Chicago, a smooth operation with solid talent.  The consistently funny Mike Lebovitz hosted and kept the energy up. Jeanie Doogan really impressed me.  Now I've seen her perform before and was amused, but she was extra funny on Tuesday.  Not sure if it was the room, the crowd, my huge $4 Spaten beers or what, but she had me cracking up through her entire set.  Bob Palos also performed and got good laughs.  I wont go on much more since Junior Stopka  covered this in his recent post but Simmons McDavid and Adam Burke were in Top form as well, read the interview!  A cool showcase with decent drink specials, you should check it out.  Every Tueday Doors 8PM, Comedy 9PM @ 2142 N. Clybourn Ave Chicago IL.
James Allen Kamp