Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two black dudes and an open microphone

Clark Jones and Will Miles
Danny Kallas
Went to go see the "Two black guys and an open microphone" show at the town hall pub last night.  This is a monthly show that is hosted by Clark Jones and Will Miles

These two guys are some of the hardest working comics in the Chicago scene, braving both the north AND south side to perform gigs, sometimes in the same night which is no small feat.  Now each one of these dudes can hold their own on stage with good material and sharp wit.  But for me it’s when they both get on stage that the magic happens.

Something about the of them on stage together really sparks up the room.  Maybe it’s the fact that they have know each other since high school.  The chemistry and timing on stage is near perfect.  If an act goes up and it’s less then stellar, they know how keep the energy up, keep the show moving and aren’t afraid to talk shit when shit needs to be talked.

The fact that the place was standing room only when I got there, and that a ton of comics were waiting to perform is a testament to how respected the show is.  Lots of comics took the stage, here are some I liked.  Danny Kallas.  This guy cracks me the fuck up.  He is always up for it, you know what I mean?  He just literally does not give a fuck.  

If you didn’t think anyone could write a successful joke about using a newborns soft spot of the skull to wipe your ass, well… Danny can.  Drew Michaels.  Always on point, good crowd work and ad lib skills, not afraid to call out other half ass comics, liked girlfriend vs. masturbation joke.  Liza Treyger, solid set as always.  Looking forward to the Halloween show at riot on Thursday.  But again, for me, the best part was watching Will and Clark do their thing on stage, I look forward to next months show.

James Allen Kamp