Monday, November 15, 2010

Loft of Laughs: AKA Welcome to the Terrordome

Jack Calhoun
Andrew Halter
The Loft
Jack Calhoun is my new hero. You have got to love Chicago comedy to throw a weekly open mic from your freaking apartment/loft. I was a bit dubious when I approached the sketchy door of a dilapidated hallway that looked like a great place to get mugged, and after walking up 27 flights of stairs I was sure someone was playing a prank on my fat ass, but after siting through one of the most lovingly abusive open mic's I have ever attended, I will admit that I am a big fan. Now let it be know, Jack has balls. You would think that a guy who throws an open mic in what looks like Fred Sanford's living room would tread lightly and not talk too much shit about the comedians who come up, well you would be wrong. Jack rips on every comedian with equal opportunity. He is a Young Don Rickles doing what he does best. No politically correct, touchy freely, "everybody's great" bullshit in this house, no sir. You want your 8-10 minutes you better come with your A game and thick skin.  Which is perfect. The veteran comics came out in droves the night I went, they all talked shit about each other and heckled freely.  The mood was electric and the room stayed crowded until the bitter end. Everybody did a set and everybody got slightly abused. But hey, if you want to get better at this art form this is exactly the kind of room you gotta face. I won't post the address since Jack does not want it to "blow up", but if your brave/stupid enough you should do this room, ask a veteran comic and they will point you in the right direction.
James Allen Kamp