Wednesday, November 3, 2010

UK in the house!: Interview with Luisa Omielan

Luisa M Omielan
Hung out with Luisa Omielan from London last night.  Her story really made an impression on me.  Luisa is so serious about comedy as an art form she came all the way from the UK to perform and train in Chicago.  She's taking improv classes at second city and is hitting the open mic and showcase circuit with a fury. What I love about this is that she has her own blog and is a accomplished comic in her own right, but decided she wanted to come to Chicago, alone, where she knew no one, and immerse herself in this great scene to better her craft and skills as a comic artist.  For those of you who have never traveled overseas, let me tell you, that takes BALLS.  I asked her why Chicago?  Luisa replied that basically it's because Chicago represents a kind of cultural epicenter of improv and stand up comedy in the world.  While planning for this trip and doing her research on the best city for improv and comedy training Chicago became the obvious and only choice.  Luisa's embodies all the reasons I started this blog in the first place.  Our job has and continues to be to shine the media spotlight on this scene and stories like this make me feel like it might all be worth it.  But Luisa's time in America is limited and she leaves in six weeks, so to all my contacts who have showcases, book her while you can.  Whats in it for you?  How about some international prestige baby.  Facebook her and she will gladly send you a clip of her material.  By the way, guess what was one of the websites/blogs she checked out before coming to the states?  Internationally known!  Woo hoo!

James Allen Kamp