Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CJ Toledano's Farewell Party!

C.J. Toledano and Kevin Lee
Junior Stopka and C.J. (looking extra Asian)
So one of my favorite comedians C.J. Toledano is leaving for California.  He got a job as Conan O'Brien's script intern!  Good job man!  C.J. is one of the hardest working guys in the Chicago comedy scene and it will suffer his loss.  But on the flip side C.J. will be working for his idol Conan O'Brien, AND his going away party was off the freaking hook!  Tons (Shout out to Danny Kallas) of comedians and well wishers came out to say goodbye which is a testament to how liked and respected C.J. is.  We'll miss you buddy, keep in touch.
So much going on in this photo.
Julia Solomon, Mike David, Danny Kallas
Bob Palos (so drunk his eyes fell out) and Marty DeRosa