Monday, December 20, 2010

Comedians You Should Know LIVE Album Recording

Mike Lebovitz
Danny Kallas
Joe Kilgallon
I went to the live album recording for the  Comedians You Should Know showcase.  The boys ran a show tighter then Mike Davids wallet.  What a great show.  First of all the operation was run like a Swiss watch.  They had local comedians work as ushers and take tickets for the show, that's when you know you've got respect.  

Not only that, but they had Prescott Tolk, and Jamie Cambell, solid comedians in their own right, go over protocol and introduce Marty DeRosa the actual host of the show.  If you know anything about the Chicago comedy scene, that's love.  

Beside a packed house there was no shortage of local comedians who came out to support.  All the usual suspects were there, from Junior Stopka to Will Miles, which is a great indication of how much respect this crew has.  "Yeah, yeah" your thinking "But how was the show?"  Brilliant.  No bull.  

The boys were on point, all of them.  But let me just say on the record that  Mike Lebovitz MURDERED it. The hairy fucker was on fire let me tell you.  I thought I had seen most of his material but the chubby bastard was busting some new kung fu comedy style that had the crowd busting up from first go.  

The whole crew was tight especially Joe Kilgallon and Danny Kallas who were dropping tons of funny bombs on the crowd with pitch perfect timing and and great edgy non-hack material.  Drew Micheal rocked it as well doing his brilliant bit about how stalking works if you stay committed to the process.  

Marty DeRosa was no slouch either, the guy hosted his ass off, keeping the energy up and the show moving along.  Can't speak on Michael Sanchez's performance since I was taking a leak during his set, but from what I heard he did not blow it.  Not much else to say, the fuckers hit a home run.  Every Wednesday at Timothy O'Toole's, 622 N. Fairbanks Ct. Chicago Il.

James Allen Kamp