Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Years from Comedy of Chicago.

Sean Flannery
Nice Eyebrows
Well the new year is upon us.  2010 was a hell of a year right?  So much went down, so many big changes.  My life went from OK to awful to awesome in about an 8 month period.  Lost my job at the Lakeshore theater, then started this blog while unemployed, then found my dream job where I help produce super high end media content and work my butt off (in a good way).  Meanwhile the blog has quietly blown up (page # 1 on Google bitches!), and I try to update as much as I can.  The support this page has gotten is amazing, I cant believe we have gotten more then 10,000 hits since August.  Bottom line is that the Chicago scene is on the cutting edge of comedy and quietly gets better and stronger each week.  Nobody believes this more then me.  It's about to go down in 2011, you heard it here first.   Meanwhile, speaking of comedians who kick much butt, check out these pics of Sean Flannery who blew the doors off the Speak Easy comedy showcase last week.  I dig Sean, the guy knows how to tell a joke you think you've heard before but then avoid all the hack cliches, twist the punchline and still deliver classic belly laughs.  I remember him from random sets at my old job, but unfortunately I haven't seen him perform as much as I would like, so it was a great treat to see him just murder the crowd at Speak Easy.  This has been such a consistently great new showcase and I expect it to remain as such.  Hannibal Buress was there there 3 days ago, but I missed him perform, damn!   Also just uploaded an ass ton of 2010 pics on facebook and here is a better high quality video of the Junior Stopka Interview And lastly nothing will make you more nostalgic about the past year then watching this lovely hot mess of a video from the last weekend of shows at the now defunct Lakeshore theater.  Have a safe New Years folks.

James Allen Kamp - Editor

Star Spangled Hot Mess from James Kamp on Vimeo.