Sunday, December 5, 2010

Schubas! Clark Jones! Liza Treyger!

Clark Jones
Liza Treyger
Went to town hall pub last Tuesday to check out the monthly "Two black dudes and an open microphone" a showcase that happens once a month at Town Hall Pub, 3340 N. Halsted.

This is one of my favorite Chicago comedy showcases right now.  Not just because of the great duo/host team of Clark Jones and Will Miles, but also because of the consistently solid line up and great crowd that shows up for every show, this months production was no exception.

Clark Jones was cool enough to sit down and chat between acts while hosting the show.  Turns out Clark, who been doing the comedy thing for a few years has comedy in his blood.  "My whole family is funny, I'm the least funniest".  Which is hard to believe since Clark is hilarious and seems to have a consistent flow of new material every time he goes up.

Speaking of funny, Liza Treyger was there and a did a brilliant set, home girl KILLED it with all new material, perfect timing and her usual fuck you in the ear attitude.   By the way for those of you looking for some on point funny shenanigans tonight is the monthly Schubas open mic, with always attracts the cream of the comedy crop so check it out and keep that room alive!

James Allen Kamp