Monday, December 6, 2010

Stacey Norgren's Top 3 Open Mics!

Stacey Norgren
Up and coming Chicago comic Stacey Norgren put together this list of her favorite open mics.  Support local comedy and check em out!

1. Mullen's, Thurs nights, Clark and Addison, sign up at 8, start at 9. I love it cuz it was the first open mic I ever did and now its the room I feel most comfortable in. I get to guest host sometimes which is cool too. I try all my new material and any random experimental shit here. AND its in Wrigley so it often times gets a crowd of real people and not just comedians....who apparently aren't real people in my eyes....

2. Shambles, Mon nights, division and hoyne, sign up at 7 (I think) start at 8, I like this just cuz its super close to my house and I can walk there, have a beer, tell a joke, and be back in my house all within a 45 minute time frame. sometimes its helpful to go to a mic and not spend the night out partying, but just treat the mic like work. I find it refreshing.

3. Coles. need I say more? everyone knows what this is and everyone loves it.  I got frustrated a few times when all the comedians were loudly talking in the main room and only 5 or so people were watching the actual mic, and you could barely hear the performers over the side chatter BUT Adam and Cameron really make this room special, and I love it for them.

Thanks Stacey!