Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jack Calhoun's Birthday Roast!

Jack Calhoun
Mike David
The Peanut Galler
Went to the open mic at Loft on Lincoln for Jack Calhoun's birthday roast. Good god what a night, the place was jumping like a fish on a hook. So many comedians, both old and new came out to support. The room was packed and full of great energy. Since we have covered this particular open mic before I wont go into the details other then to say if you have never performed there before, be prepared to be heckled, mostly by Jack who runs the show. The guy was on fire, daring comedians to roast him and basically terrorizing anybody who went up. Comedians who tried to roast him got jumped on and comedians who tried to do their own bits got jumped on, and it was great. Usually hecklers are drunk loser's who can ruin a show if not dealt with, but at Jack's open mic, IT IS the show. Somehow it just works, if Jack was nice and quiet, it wouldn't. If anything, it makes the comics better, and I think most comedians understand this and that's why they continue to attend week after week. And to be fair it's not just Jack, on this night everybody got into the act. At one point Joe Fernandez was throwing cups of beer on stage and Junior Stopka and Danny Kallas were heckling in unison, but it was always funny not just mean spirited. Now to be honest I was pretty hammered and so all the details are somewhat blurry but I do remember that laughed so hard I lost my voice the next day.  Mike David, from Red Bar Radio, was there getting roasted hard. He plugged his own upcoming roast this Friday, 01/14 at 9:30 PM, which is looking like it's going to be one hell of a show with a powerhouse panel of local comedians. If you love OR hate Mike and/or listen to his show, you should be there. But get your free tickets now cause it looks like it's going to be a full house, I know I'm going to be there.
James Allen Kamp