Thursday, January 27, 2011

Open Mic List! Plus Shout Outs! AKA Don't be Scared...

Prescott Tolk @ Rotten Comedy
Junior Stopka @ Oink! Open Mic
Othy Schwering
Danny Kallas @ Hug City

Big news!  Finally finished the COC Chicago Stand Up Comedy Open Mic list!!  One of our many goals as a Chicago comedy blog is to both support and inform, so we felt is was high time to produce a list of open Mics that have our stamp of approval.  These are rooms that are CURRENTLY active and are in the City.  Now if we missed a room, don't just bitch about it, PIPE UP! and let us know.  My personal pick for for the top open mic room is Jokes and Notes.  If your serious about being a comic this room is a must.  It will make you a better artist.  DON'T BE SCARED.  Your not a real comic until you can play anywhere and connect with the audience, that goes for ALL comics.  Besides it's a packed house of paying customers not just comics waiting for their turn, but bring your A game or you will get booed off the stage, that's NO JOKE.  January has been hectic as hell let me tell you, we just have not had time to blog as much as we would like, especially since there is so much going down right now.  Speaking of which I want to send some props out to some great new showcases and open mics that we feel are pretty hot right now.  Oink Presents Open Mic @Big Joes What a fun ass room.  Sure it's a small bar but the energy is electric with both comics and civilians hanging out till closing time and Othey Schwering busts his ass to promote and run a tight show, plus free pizza!  Hug City Presents @ Racine Plumbing.  When some people get knocked down they stay down, so you have got to give props to Ryan Durdin, his  previous location was not, shall we say the the best venue for comedy, (kind of a shit hole) it looked like Buffalo's Bills basement, there was a pole in the middle of the room, plus had a ridiculous cover of $7 on a Monday.  But did this stop Ryan, did he quit after hitting a bump in the road?  Nope.  He moved the show to Racine Plumbing Bar and Grill, just blocks away and the place is NICE. Has a back room for comedy, great sound system, swanky interior, sweet specials, cute waitresses, and Ryan consistently books a SUPERSTAR local comedy line up every week.  Oh yeah did I mention that it's freaking FREE, way to go Ryan.  Rotten Comedy Showcase.  With whats got to be the worst name in comedy you might think twice about checking this show out, well don't think about it just go.  It rocks.  Gary Lee and Timothy Brochu have worked really hard to turn this room into a solid showcase with consistent booking and a can do attitude.  Plus it's at the at the Oakwood 4 AM bar with $5 Cheeseburger and fries!  Stay tuned....

James Allen Kamp