Saturday, January 29, 2011

Out and about....

Drew Frees @ Town Hall Pub
Recently a comic asked me what the goal of a blog about the Chicago comedy scene is.  If this is your first time on this website you might be wondering the same thing.

Instead of being a jerk and just telling you to read the damn "about page".  I'll put it like this.  If you could jump into a time machine and travel back in time to New York city in the year 1977, and witness the birth of punk rock and hip hop, would you do it?  Well If your a music fan the answer should be hell yes.

For me the Chicago scene is exactly like that.  It's like 1977 New York or 1930's Hollywood, or any place and time on the eve of a renaissance.  There is some bleeding edge shit going on here.  I feel it in the air and see it on the stage.

Big things are coming. So to all you comedians keep doing your thing.  And by thing, I mean going to open mic's consistently, writing fresh material, avoiding hack cliches and staying humble and hungry. And to you comedy fans, keep supporting local comedy.

Clark Jones @ Jokes and Notes
Speaking of which I went to two shows this week and want to send props out to the comics who made me laugh.  Clark Jones.  Clark celebrated his  birthday at Town hall pub at his monthly TBDOM show.  The show was solid as usual and Clark was doing hilarious insider impressions left and right.

Clark also stepped in and hosted the sparsely attended but still funny Winter Comedy Showcase at Jokes and Notes.  Which was supposed to be hosted by Brian Babylon who was late but had a great excuse.

Brian Babylon @ Jokes and Notes
Brian's set was tight and he had NEW material which was good to see. Aslo good was Drew Frees.  Dude works HARD, is always funny and not afraid to try new shit.  Homeboy came out to some hip hop music and DANCED for like 4 minutes.  Yep, 98% black crowd and this fool comes out and dances his narrow ass off.  But the crowd dug it, they laughed and Drew made an instant connection and pretty much killed it after that.

Julia Solomon.  This woman gets a little funnier every time she performs, sometimes you get to see a comedian grow as an artist right before your eyes, and that's always a good thing.  Lastly I want to plug some upcoming shows.  On Feb 5th one of the hardest working Chicago comics around is having his official DVD release party.  Mike Stanley's Tough Luck Chump DVD Release Party!   There will be performances by C.J. Sullivan, Burlesque Dancers,  Mike Stanley and the whole thing is Hosted by the wonderful Puterbaugh Sisterz.  There will be comics and strippers and a DJ.  This should be a ridiculous funny and slightly scary night of super fantastic debauchery, you should go.

Then on Feb 9th the boy's are at it again with Comedians You Should Know: Live Show and Album Release Party. In case you don't know the CYSK showcase is one of the best in the city and if you want to help them celebrate their album release then you should get your tickets now cause it's gonna sell out. Did I mention admission includes an advanced signed copy of the ALBUM, a FREE poster and a bottomless BEER! Well it does, so hop to it.
James Allen Kamp