Friday, February 18, 2011


Just had to post this terrific video because nothing warms my heart more then a long, in your face, emotional, slightly scary, unrehearsed, close to the surface, made the  room awkward, steroid induced rant by Joe Kilgallon.  Joe is a member of Comedians You Should Know which is one of the best stand up comedy showcases in Chicago.  Check it out.

Junior Stopka
Last week CSYK released their hard hitting funny as hell debut album on iTunes (made #1 on first day), you should buy it.  Speaking of funny ass Chicago comedians, we updated our Chicago Comics Hall Of Fame Wall.  If your listed on there it just means you work hard as hell, and we salute you.  If your not on the wall please don't take it personal, as it is a work in progress.  Don't forget to check out our Chicago stand up comedy OPEN MIC LIST which has been updated.  Also I want to plug Junior Stopka's website and podcast.  Yeah you head me Junior Stopka has a website.  Who would have thought that a special needs, serial killer maniac looking mother fucker, who has trouble tying his shoes could build a decent website and produce a podcast no less.  Junior Stopka a internet tech wizard, who knew?  I listened to the first podcast with him and Mike Lebovitz talking shit while burning the hell out of some retard size looking corndogs. Hilarious.  Check it out.
James Allen Kamp