Monday, February 28, 2011

Sticks and Stones...

Drew Michael and Colin Nelson
Colin Gives Up
This article is dedicated to all the newbie comics who come to Chicago every day with their hopes and dreams.

Stand up comedy is kind of like old school hip hop.  Your the MC and you gotta rock the crowd like they ain't never been rocked before.  Your mind set has got to be like "I'm the baddest mother fucker around can't nobody touch me".

You better have swagger and confidence, any comedian worth beans will tell you that.   All the comedians we have interviewed or featured have that confidence and some of them are down right arrogant, but that's the name of the game.  When your on stage you better look like you mean business, especially at open mics when 80% of your audience is other comedians, or tough rooms like Jokes and Notes where the crowd can smell blood like a great white shark.

When it's your time on stage you gotta own it, like your not to be played with.  And you never let another comedian get on stage during your set, and talk shit about you to your face.  

Clark ends it as Drew looks pleased...
You might be thinking, "huh that sounds specific".  Well it does cause it is.  Last Tuesday at the TBDAOM open mic show I saw some shit I could not believe.  

Veteran Comic Drew Michael got up on stage during newish comic Colin Nelson's set, grabbed a second microphone and basically fucked with him until Clark Jones mercifully ended the whole thing.

Now it didn't shock me that drew went up, that shit happens, comics will heckle each other, or crash stage time, it's not good form but it happens. But when it happens fucking sparks are supposed to fly.

What bothered me is Colin just let Drew walk all over him.  He didn't bust one Joke at Drew's expense, not one.  Little advice for any newbies who actually give a shit, If a comic gets on your stage during YOUR set, it is your DUTY to get in that ass.  It could be anything, their clothes, their lack of hygiene, resort to momma jokes if you have to but you need to attack.  Colin just stood there like a bum. I guarantee that if the shoe was on the other foot Drew would fuck them up or get bloody trying.  Just my opinion and some food for thought.

Editors Note: For the record Drew Michael states he was invited on stage and takes issue (read comments) with being portrayed as a "stage crasher", but point of article was not about Drew or what he did, more about being assertive and having confidence as a new comic.

James Allen Kamp