Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brendan McGowan's Farewell Show

Brendon Mcgowan
Say it aint so. Brendan McGowan is leaving town.  Brendan is one of my favorite comedians so for me this sad news.  He is moving to L.A. to pursue greener pasture and all that good stuff. Boo.  His last performance in Chicago will be at his farewell show on April 30th.  You should go.  Can't make it?  Head over to the Comedians You Should Know showcase tonight and watch Brendan blow the dust of your mom's panty's.  (I don't even know what that means) Cant make that?  Then you suck.  (No not really, but kind of) I'll be there being sad/drunk.   That said, I'm sure Brendan will be at all kinds of comedy showcases before he leaves town so do yourself a favor and catch the red faced bastard doing what he does best.  Check out this short video of Brendan doing his thing.
James Allen Kamp