Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last night @ The Loft plus other closings and a plug!

Adam Burke
This is just a quick post to comment on three recent room closings and plug a show.  LAST NIGHT @ THE LOFT.  Yep one of my favorite rooms to get totally shit faced due to the insanely low drink prices while comics are heckled by a bitter host/bartender is closing up shop.

You should go tonight and watch/participate in the chaos.  The Sunday night Swagger Open Mic at The Black Rock Bar, is also no more, which is surprising since this room looked like it had potential to be the next hot Chicago open mic.  Lastly Deluxe Comedy Open Mic is closing up shop according to it's Facebook page. The Deluxe Mic had been going for a while and was produced out of the Deluxe Diner which was a cool looking diner straight out of the 1950's.  Too bad, it will be missed.  

Now for the plug, a favorite comedian Adam Burke is performing every Friday night at 11PM as part of the Kiss Kiss Cabaret show at the very nice Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N. Lincoln Ave.  On several occasions I have sung Mr Burke's praises as one of the best comedians in Chicago and have advised that if you get a chance to see Adam you should do so.  Well here's your chance in a great theater venue.  The show has got a little of everything from burlesque to magicians to comedy.  Check out the press release.
"The Kiss Kiss Cabaret features their very own Kiss Kiss Coquettes, a burlesque troupe boasting over 20 years of collective performance experience, the Claptrap Family Orchestra, complete with accordion and original hits, a rotation of some of Chicago’s funniest stand-up comics and amazing magicians, a "Beer-Mission", sing-along opportunities and a mix of other hijinks. Every Friday night is a new explosion of entertainment at the Greenhouse Theater Center!"

James Allen Kamp