Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Laughs at the Lincoln Lodge

Adam Burke
Mo Welch
Went to the season finale show at the Lincoln Lodge last Friday night and enjoyed a fine night of comedy.  At first glance you would not suspect that this unassuming, kitschy diner, that's decorated like it's trapped in a 1970's time warp, houses one of the most successful longest running comedy showcases in Chicago, but that's exactly the case.

The Lincoln Lodge just wrapped up its 11th season and in comedy terms that's a freaking dynasty.  Being that it was my first time at the lodge, I wasn't sure of what to expect in terms of the quality of show, but I have to say I was really impressed with the professional lighting, sound and line up of comics.  Whats really amazing about the operation is there is no permanent stage!  The Lincoln crew sets it up and breaks it down for EVERY show. As a cat with some production experience I can tell you with confidence that that shit is crazy.

Much respect to the folks that gotta deal with that grind week after week.  The headliner for the 10PM show was Adam Burke who was consistent as always. If you have never seen Adam, I stongly suggest you google his upcoming shows and catch him when you can.  Mo Welch was also a strong stand out with bits that I can only describe as militantly zany.  Although the regular season is over, Lincoln lodge is having a special event this week that looks to be a hot show.  Lodge alumni and Hollywood big shot T.J. Miller  comes back to town for two nights of hilarity.  Check out the press release.

T.J. Miller

"Our most illustrious alumni T.J. Miller (Cloverfield, The Late Show with David Letterman) headlines two nights of comedy featuring special guest Cameron Esposito! Crack up at the improvised shenanigans of comedy's fastest rising stars! Throw your head back and roar with laughter as T.J. lays down the jokes and witticisms!"

Wednesday 8 PM and Thursday 10 PM

James Allen Kamp