Thursday, May 5, 2011


Todd Glass @ Red Bar Comedy Club

Went to THE RED BAR COMEDY CLUB last Friday to check out Todd Glass who performed over the weekend and was pretty damn funny.  It's kind of hard to pigeon hole his act comically, because Glass wears a lot of hats style wise, but if pressed I would describe Glass as a high octane mix of Robin Williams and Peter Griffin. Glass, a Philadelphia native, has many television appearances including performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Showbiz Show with David Spade, Last Comic Standing, Mr. Show, COMEDY CENTRAL Presents and The Sarah Silverman Show, to name a few.  But enough about Todd Glass, this article is really a review of The Red Bar Comedy Show and the booking of Glass is a good indication of how that venue is stepping up their game in the acquisition of nationally know acts.  If you have not been to Red Bar yet, go.  We recommend it.  Especially if you consider yourself a fan of Chicago comedy.  Bam!  There it is, we officially give the red bar comedy club our stamp of approval and deservedly so.  They run a tight ship.  You get seated quickly by a very courteous staff, the cute waitresses are amazingly fast, polite and attentive.  Seating wise there is not a bad one in the house.  The place is big yet feels intimate, modern yet has a great classic Vegas feel.  There's a real life bathroom attendant for gods sake!  Sure the drinks are a bit pricey ($25 Miller bucket), but about the same as the old Lakeshore Theater's prices, which lets face it was a dump (I loved it.).  This place has got freaking ambiance and did I mention cute waitresses?  Heck they even have hunky bartenders for you ladies (or men whatever...).  Check it out.
James Allen Kamp