Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's Popping...

Louis C.K. @ JFL Chicago 2011
Wow.  June is going by fast as hell. Unless you've been hiding out in your basement/bunker/garage waiting for the rapture I'm sure your aware that the Just for Laughs Festival has come and gone. JFL brings in top comedy talent from around the globe and has become one of the premiere comedy festivals in the United States which in turn shines a gigantic media spotlight on Chicago for a few days.  Many articles and blog posts have been written on JFL so I won't rehash any of it here other then to say congrats to all the local comics who got to participate, and if you didn't well.... fuck em.  Keep on working hard and do your thing.  Here's what's popping in the local scene.  Hi Tops Comedy Open mic is no more.  Looks like that bar is going with a country music night instead, yeah I know, weak.   But the good news is the Deluxe Comedy Open Mic is back on Saturdays and according to the new producers of the show, Deluxe Diner, a cool 1960's style restaurant, has some ridiculous drinks specials like: $1.25 beer and 2.25 well drinks.  You can't beat that.  Plus the food menu good and reasonable.  Yeah yeah I know it's way up on the north side, but just think of how drunk you can get right before your set, or conversely how drunk you can get as an audience member and then heckle a comic who probably needs the the crowd work practice anyway (just kidding don't do that).  Also there are two monthly showcases happening this weekend that I want to plug.  First one is the:  Miller Light Presents Jokes and Jams Showcase at Mullen's in Wrigleyville, 3527 N. Clark St.  It's hosted by Jerry Legan and Stacey Norgren The line up: Ever Mainard, Aaron Burns, Will Miles, Dino Spezzini, Emily Lake, Mike Lebovitz and Danny Kallas.   Also on Saturday you got the Your Funniest Friends Showcase at Trace Bar, 3714 North Clark St.  Joe Fernandez and Megan Gailey host with: Matt Riggs, Lane Pieschel, Jeff Steinbrunner and special guest headliner: Drew Frees.  Those are both solid lineups with some of the best local comedy talent from Chicago, many fresh out of the JFL fest, so catch em while they got their A game prepped.   Lastly check out this clip of RED BAR COMEDY club owner Mike David getting interviewed last week in downtown Chicago.