Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Megan Gailey busting up a joint...

What's great about stand up comedy in general is that there are always young, new, hungry comics working their butts off to get better in this competitive arena.  Nowhere is this more true then in Chicago.  Sure we have the occasional exodus of top talent to New York or L.A.  But that's usually veteran comics who are looking for for more opportunity due to a lack of industry here (which is slowly changing).  So this means there is a constant crop of new comics that have opportunity to shine at one of the many showcases that can be found in Chicago on any given night.  One such comic is Megan Gailey.  Home girl has really put it down this year and gets better every time I see her perform.  She's co-produces her own showcase called Your Funniest Friends and has been recently seen performing at hot shows around the city.  Watch her fuck up the crowds funny bone with this tight set.

James Allen Kamp