Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sean Flannery Live... Plus Mo Better Plugs...

The Chaser Open Mic
Wow... the summer passed away more suddenly then Michael Jackson (too soon?).  But don't fret, just because the warm embrace of the sun will be a distant memory when you are freezing your balls/tits off at the bus stop trying to make it to your shitty job on time, doesn't mean there won't be plenty of Chicago comedy goodness to keep you warm and drunk indoors.  We've updated our showcase and open mic listings to represent new show additions/changes that will be coming down the pipe.  Here they are in a Nutshell.

100 Proof Comedy (BACK on Monday nights @ Comedy Sportz Theatre, aways a tight lineup)
The Chaser Open Mic (After 100 Proof Comedy, professional theater venue makes for a super polished Monday night open mic experience) 
The Hug City Showcase (Has moved to Tuesday nights, love this showcase, great staff, great specials)
One Night Stand Up (Starting Sept 28th, Wednesday night weekly showcase, promising lineup)
Open Mic @ Driftwood Bar (New Thursday night open mic!)
The Two Hour Comedy Hour (Fun weekly Saturday night showcase)
Open Mic @ The Ace Bar (Sunday night open mic at fancy remodeled Ace bar)
Bill Cruz Presents: Show Case Comedy Boulevard (Every Wednesday @ 9PM,  very excited that Bill is producing this, a great guy that will book great talent  SORRY THIS IS CLOSED)

Speaking of inappropriate stories you shouldn't tell in public, the hilarious Sean Flannery will be performing his one man show "Never Been To Paris" in New York City at the well respected Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on Sept 28th, if your in NYC, you should GO.  Sean performed a few weeks ago at the Big Sleazy showcase in downtown Chicago and killed.  We got it on camera, check it out.

James Allen Kamp