Monday, November 21, 2011

CYSK Gets A Facelift

Sean Flannery
Lucas Bros
Joe Kilgallon
Comedians You Should Know, one of the hottest, best run and most critically acclaimed showcases in the city of Chicago, recently had their venue space go through a remodeling at Timothy O'tooles.  I went to check out the new space last week.

Now before I get too far into this review, let me say this, I bought my own ticket.  There's no graft, no kickbacks on this site, no one is bribing us to say nice things.  If you see me out drinking at a show best believe I bought that shit myself (plus I think it's important to support the scene).

Now having said all that. WOW. What a kick ass new space. Everything looks brand new, the furniture, the stage, the lighting. The bar especially got a nice face lift with great deep, rich wood tones that really add to the character of the space. Also they also shifted the orientation of the stage about 90 degrees which give the whole layout a much wider footprint which creates a great perspective from anywhere in the room.
There is literally is not a bad seat in the house.  And as always the boys of CSYK ran a tight show, with friendly ushers and attentive wait staff, the whole operation ticked along smoothly like a fine Swiss swatch.

What about the show?  Forget about it, pure class.  CSYK always has a good line up and this week was no exception.  Joe Killgallon fresh off an airplane from L.A. with no sleep for 48 hours, hosted his ass off.

The rest of the line up was killer as well.  You had the Lucas brothers from out of town, who are hell of mellow, weed addled, identical twins that finish each others sentences.  And that's not just a novelty act, the brothers have real chops that kept the crowding buzzing with laughs.

Feature Adam Burke and headliner Sean Flannery were giving their best as well.  What I like about Burke and Flannery is despite the fact that I have heard much of their material before it never seems that way.  I always laugh hard because the delivery is consistently fresh and seemingly off the top of their heads which despite how it may appear is not the easiest thing to do.  Amazing timing and an uncanny knack for storytelling goes a far way as well .  I have covered both of theses local legends in the past so I will just say that they were in top form and had the full house cracking up throughout the show, another solid booking choice by the CYSK producers.

All in all a great night of comedy and I look forward to return visits to the new and improved CSYK showcase all winter long.

James Allen Kamp