Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Wrap Up: By Joe Motisi

Last year I posted about my favorite sets and things about 2010, so I figured I might as well go ahead and follow suit with 2011.  It was a weird year. The things I can remember about what happened were outstanding. And because I feel like writing about them, I will share them with you.


All these lists are in no particular order and I’ve honestly no idea the exact dates…

Favorite Sets:

Comedians You Should Know: I didn’t have a good set. I really kind of ate shit that night. But I was stoked to be part of a show I respected and it was a great experience and helped me move forward. ComedyCreeps

Rotten Comedy: Ace was fun guys, but the show at the Oakwood was fucking great everytime. Whether I was performing or just drinking, so much fun.

A-O.K Comedy: A few months back… Me, Matt Drufke, Marty Derosa, Darwin Doobers and some others all got together out in St. Charles and performed. I was kind of drunk and was standing on a table screaming in Shaun Fitzpatrick’s face. I also called a group of women Black Hairs. I loved it. aokcomedy

Quit Wit Comedy @ Brunswick Zone: First show I’ve co-produced with over 100 people. We blew up and then we died this year.

Comedy Under The Tap: I headlined a show last summer and decided that Oswego was in need of a super weird set. I started in jeans and a t-shirt and ended up in a dress, tights, and lipstick. comedyunderthetap

Comics and Villians: I did a set there and it was really the first time I set off in the direction I am in now. A super fun audience gave me the confidence to continue forward in my weirdness. comics.and.villains

Boxcar Comedy @ NIU: Bill Cruz, Jeff Hansen, Doobs, Drufke, and Myself caravanned out to NIU and put on probably one of the most fun shows I’ve ever been a part of. It’s so nice when people love and want to laugh. BoxcarComedy

Speakeasy Comedy: I did this twice this year, both times with Jeff Hansen. The 2nd time was amazing. So much yelling and floor humping. Great fucking show. Speak-Easy-Comedy-Chicago

Comedy Shrine: Did this show a few times, but the best time was under the Boxcar Comedy flag a few weeks ago. Kenny Deforest was a beast and I just had a blast.

Every other show I just can’t really remember because I lost my phone that had my calendar: 2011 was a good year for shows and I want to thank everyone who had me out, whether it was a shitty pizza place in the burbs or an empty bar. It was awesome this year.

Also, for you the readers… check out these people when and if you can. They are people I’ve performed with and seriously, my favorites of 2011:

Jeff Hansen: You crazy, funny, asshole. You took it to another level this year. Can not wait to see what is next. And do the dishes please.
Megan Gailey: Sincerely hilarious woman.
Mike Stanley: Always a favorite and always hilarious.
Danny Kallas: A true degenerate and funny man.
Joe Fernandez: Genius.
Chad Briggs: The Halloween CHUC show made me love this man.
Matt Drufke: Recent sets are proving that he is moving forward and finding his voice.
Darwin Doobers: Like or hate him… wait, there’s no way you can hate him.
Kenny Deforest: Such a bastard but so damn charming.
James Fritz: probably my favorite wordsmith around.
Clark Jones: Better and better every time I see him.
Will Miles: Continually kills
Drew Michael: I saw him at Zanies and really was blown away. Outstanding work this year

And really, well… there’s so many to list. This was a great year for Chicago comedy and I am glad I was a part of it. Go google search at these people and follow them on twitter and internet and stuff. Do it!!!
Keep at it kids.

BIG Thanks to Joe Motisi!!!!
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