Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Megan Gailey busting up a joint...

What's great about stand up comedy in general is that there are always young, new, hungry comics working their butts off to get better in this competitive arena.  Nowhere is this more true then in Chicago.  Sure we have the occasional exodus of top talent to New York or L.A.  But that's usually veteran comics who are looking for for more opportunity due to a lack of industry here (which is slowly changing).  So this means there is a constant crop of new comics that have opportunity to shine at one of the many showcases that can be found in Chicago on any given night.  One such comic is Megan Gailey.  Home girl has really put it down this year and gets better every time I see her perform.  She's co-produces her own showcase called Your Funniest Friends and has been recently seen performing at hot shows around the city.  Watch her fuck up the crowds funny bone with this tight set.

James Allen Kamp

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ken Barnard Covers Piano Man...

You may have noticed recently that we have stepped up our video/media game.  That's because our long term goal is to be the best stand up comedy blog out there, not just for Chicago (although that will always be a focus) but the whole country.  Shooting video of the best young comedians in the  biz is part of that vision.  Speaking of which, Ken Barnard performed one of his last shows in Chicago at the new "Big Sleazy" comedy showcase a couple of weeks ago which we were lucky enough to catch on camera.  Ken was at his weird and wacky best, check out his version of "Piano Man".  Chicago will miss him and L.A. will never be the same.

James Allen Kamp

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In your face with a... funky update...

Drew Frees
Danny Kallas
Sheesh... running out of gimmicky titles for my post's.  OK so whats up?  Got some new listings in the Chicago comedy open mic and showcase list pages you should check out.  The Big SleazyChitown Comedy, Your Funniest Friends and The People Under the Stares are all newish showcases that deserve your attention and are going on this week and next.  The last two are monthlies so make sure you click links for exact dates.  Also the "grand opening" of The Comedy Bar comedy club debuted with a "COMEDY CENTRAL'S COMICS TO WATCH SHOWCASE".  How was it?  Yo that shit was around the coffee table son!  Yeah I just made that phrase up cause I'm running out of hip slang ways of saying "boy that show sure was swell".  By the way if you've got some hip new new slang jargon up your sleeve and want me to use it on the blog, HIT ME UP YO! (fucking pitiful).  Anyway the show was freaking great and all the comedians pretty much killed it all night long.   Drew Frees Hosted his narrow ass off and had the crowd nice and loose from the get go.  Junior Stopka, James Fritz, Danny Kallas, Adam Burke, Joe Kilgallon, Mke Lebovitz, Drew Michael, Sean Flannery, Aaron Weaver and Brian Babylon were all in fine form.  I posted up a couple of pics, there will be more on Facebook soon.
James Allen Kamp

Friday, August 12, 2011

Prescott Tolk Destroys A Room Part 2...

Prescott Tolk is leaving town.  We captured one of his last performances in Chicago on camera at the Big Sleazy comedy showcase, which he rocked.  This is part 2, check it out.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Plugs For Your Mugs....

Whats up folks, lots of DRAMA going down in the Chicago comedy scene this week.  I WON'T try to speculate on the sordid details but I WILL plug some cool shows and events that are going on this week and next.  First off, Cameron Esposito has two more performances of her great solo show (read review) at the Playground Theater. You should check it out before she goes on an extended trip to the west coast.  Here's the press release.

"Just your average asymmetrically haired punk rock circus ringmaster, roller derby commentator, and atheist with a theology degree, Cameron Esposito lives at the heart of Chicago's alt arts scene. SIDE MULLET NATION covers snapshot-like moments of improbability, huge failure, and tiny success via live performance and video. Cameron's quick wit and hilarious, well-honed storyjoking have garnered a cult Chicago fan base and made her hour-long solo project the Playground's most popular offering at the 2011 TBS Just for Laughs Chicago Festival, leading to the theater's extended run of the show." 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Prescott Tolk Destroys A Room Part 1...

One of our favorite comedians Prescott Tolk, a hard working and accomplished dynamo of a performer, is leaving town.  Prescott is one of the nicest guys you could meet and has had an undeniable influence in the local Chicago comedy scene.  We captured one of his last performances in Chicago on camera at the Big Sleazy comedy showcase, which he completely destroyed.  Check it out.