Monday, March 19, 2012

Plugs and Puterbuagh...

Wow. This video will make you weak in the knees.  Contains Puterbaugh Sisterz and Polyester.  Pure Magic. I happened to stumble upon it while trolling YouTube, current favorite clip right now.  Watch it.  OK!  So there is an insane bunch of good shows coming up this week in the Chicago comedy scene.  Check it out.
Tonight, 3/19 - Don't usually plug shit in the suburbs, but this guy works his ass off.  Love him, hate him, don't know him, whatever. If your in/near  St. Charles go roast em

8x8: 8 performers, 8 minutes each
Tonight, 3/19 - This looks promising with SOLID line up of stand up and sketch, Megan Gailey hosts this thing @ the Hungry Brain. 

TBD Comedy at The Owl
Tonight, 3/19 - Another stellar line up with Danny Kallas headlining. Produced by the insane Jason Folks.  Watch him drink a can of soup in this promo clip for tonight's show.  Funny and sad, but mostly funny.

Free Pizza Open Mic
Tonight, 3/19 - Late night, fun, north side Open Mic with FREE PIZZA and cheap drinks. Done!

Fat Tuesday Open Mic Comedy
3/20 - New (at least to me) Tuesday night open mic, cheap drinks... looks promising.

Hug City Presents: The Tuesday Night Com...
3/20 - Every Tuesday. Still one of the most consistent showcases around, tomorrow is no exception with Sean Flannery, Cameron Esposito Clark Jones and Hosted By: Marty Derosa.  That's a dope line up

3/22 - Sean Flannery is still doing his one man show at the Comedy Bar catch it before the run is over.

Soha Comedy
3/22 - Every Thursday showcase.  Looks like they have lots of specials.  Right next to Southport Brown line stop. Perfect for those who want to drink it up, or love CTA... or both.

The Lincoln Lodge Presents: Aaron Weaver
3/23 - Funny guy at a great showcase.  Check it out

Funnier Than Fiction:Storytime with Christian Bernal
3/24 - A story show, features Mo Na and the the incomparable Bill Cruz.

The Let It All Hang Out Comedy Show
This looks like it could be a fun show...  lots of up and comers.

UP Comedy Club Presents
Second City's amazing stand up club is producing a LOCAL showcase.  The evening features: Marty Derosa, C.J. Toledano, Cameron Esposito and Mike Stanley.  This is a great all pro line up, don't miss it.

James Allen Kamp