Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Lucas Brothers Perform @ YFF

We try not too plug too much shit in the same week but... I simply could not neglect to let folks know about the insane line up of talent that will be melting the stage at "Your Funniest Friends" this Saturday.  YFF, which is already an exceptional showcase, will be extra bananas this week.  I'm especially excited that The Lucas Brothers, who made their TV debut last week will be there. Also twins are hot.  Headliner Adam Burke, fresh off his sold out LIVE album recording, is no slouch either.  Watch the video and read this excited Facebook post by YFF member Matt Riggs, then buy a freaking ticket.

"Super excited about this weeks Your Funniest Friends show! We have Mookie Thompson in from NYC, we have the very talented musical act chox N brizz, AND straight off of doing comedy on JIMMY MOTHER FUCKING FALLON we have the Lucas Bros, ALSO our headliner just recorded his first CD to sold out crowds, Mr. Adam Burke! This show could not get any better, unless I mentioned the host, which I will, Lane Pieschel! Get your tickets now, because they are going to sell out for sure!"

YFF is every week @ a classy venue called The Joynt in downtown Chicago.

James Allen Kamp