Friday, June 1, 2012

Don't miss Reggie Watts...

It's crazy how many people have jumped on the Reggie Watts band wagon...  I remember 4 years ago when he performed at the Lakeshore theater and only like 100 people showed up.  Now he sells out shows all over the world and will be playing at the famed Chicago theater  during the Just For Laughs Festival in two weeks.  Reggie Watts is living proof that no matter how "different" your act is, if you work hard and come with original style the people will respond. Watts, a chicago favorite, is simply amazing and it's hard to describe his act to somene who is not hip to it. It's best just to experience first hand what the man does. Watts is part of  Sarah Silverman's "Sarah's Pro Choice" show, which also features Chris Hardwick, Marc Maron and Natasha Leggero and Kyle Dunnigan.  This is arguably the hottest show of the entire festival so if your planning on going, get your tickets now.

James Allen Kamp