Monday, June 18, 2012

JFL Wrap Up...

Reggie Watts @ The Chicago Theater
What a crazy, intense, fulfilling week it has been. Best described as a whirlwind.  The JFL Festival 2012 has come and gone and I think I can speak for most of the comics and super fans alike who were involved, that now that it's over we're all a little sad... and a little hung over.

I can't really explain what it was like to see so many high quality comedians in such a compact period of space and time. A bit overwhelming actually.

But even better then watching so many "big time" comics perform on local stages was to witness the positive effects an event like this has on the Chicago comedy scene as a whole. The impact of this festival is not to be underestimated and its not just because of the intense media coverage, ticket sales and cooperate dollars that pour into the local economy (which was considerable). The real impact, in our opinion, is how exceptional the local scene performed in response. Chicago comics participating in the festival rose to the occasion like seasoned pros. Folks like Danny Kallas, Junior Stopka, Dan Telfer, Cameron Esposito, Brian Babylon, Clark Jones, James Fritz and Chris Condren all had break out performances (as did many others).

Comics not involved stepped up their game considerably as well by redoubling efforts into their own events. The scene was thick with JFL parodies and counter festivals at shows that were going on anyway. Many of the big name comics who were in town for the festival showed at local open mics to do quick sets or dropped in on local showcases and were added to the lineup. Some did both.

We took thousand of pics during the festival, here are the highlights, enjoy.

JFL Festival Pics 2012, Tuesday Night
JFL Festival Pics 2012, Wednesday & Thursday Night
JFL Festival Pics 2012, Friday Night
JFL Festival Pics 2012, Saturday Night

James Allen Kamp