Wednesday, June 13, 2012

JFL kicks the door down...

Junior Stopka @ The Beat Kitchen
Hold on to you socks folks the Chicago comedy scene is about to go crazy. The first official night of the Chicago Just For Laughs Festival happened yesterday and it did not disappoint.  We went to two exceptional shows last night, one at the Beat Kitchen and the one at the Up Comedy Club.  In a nutshell, it was bannans . The "Secret Big Time Local Comedy Showcase" at The Beat Kitchen was up first and a real highlight of the night.  First of all it was only $5, which is crazy for a powerhouse line of that caliber. The crowd was insane... it was standing room only, hot as balls and fun as fuck.  Not only were the Local favorites like Junior Stopka, James Fritz, Mike Stanley and Ever Mainard in top form (check out this great review), but heavyweight special guests like Jeff Garlin, Hanniball Burees and Kyle Kinane showed up and rocked the house as well... and that's the beauty of the JFL festival folks, YOU NEVER KNOW WHO'S GOING TO SHOW UP. 

Don't fret if you cant afford tickets to that "big" show at the Chicago Theatre or Park West .  Follow your budget and go with a local lineup or your favorite local venue... cause when they say special guest... they mean that shit... it might be Reggie Watts it might be freaking Sarah Silverman, but you won't know unless you GO.  Kudos to JFL trying to involve so many "bigger" comedians in the local shows. I'm definitely looking forward to the Blackout Diaries show tonight at the Lincoln Lodge which is supposed to be crammed to the rafters with secret special guests... Check out the pics from last night then go buy your tickets!!

Jeff Garlin@ The Beat Kitchen
Lil Rel hanging out @ The Up Comedy Club
Kyle Kinane @ The Up Comedy Club
Hannibal Buress @ The beat Kitchen

James Allen Kamp