Friday, June 15, 2012

JFL ridiculousness PLUS a HOT MIDNIGHT show!!

Patton Oswalt @ The Hideout
Holy shit balls, what a crazy couple of days. We've gone to seven comedy shows in 48 hours, all of them ridiculously fun with awesome unexpected surprises (we took hundreds upon hundreds of pictures, check it out).

The JFL festival is so McDonalds right now...   Why? Because...wait for it.... I'm loving it... stole that shit from Pete Holmes who rocked the Hideaway last night and killed with that joke... corny as it is. Great way to permanently sabotaged a first date by the way.

Anyhoo... we're half way through the festival and what a great and nutty first half it's been.  In less then 48 hours we've seen, Patton Oswalt, Hannibal Buress, Janeane Garofalo, Brian Posehn, Matt Braunger, Lil Rel Howery, Eddie Pepitone, Amy Schumer, Kyle Kinane, Pete Holmes, Aziz Ansari, Danny Kallas, Sean Flanery, Dan Telfer, Cameron Esposito, Juior Stopka, James Fritz, Ever Mainard, Mike Stanley, Mike Lebovitz, Tyson CJ Toledano and many more local comics I can't even list because it's been such a jam packed week.

Yep kind of floating on cloud nine right now because I'm so in my preferred element. For comics and fans alike this is our Wimbledon, our World Cup. Even though I've only slept for about three hours I am wide awake with excitement about tonight shows at Jokes and Notes, The Comedy Bar, Up Comedy Club and the Chicago Laugh Facotry.  A big shout of thanks goes out to Beth Silverman for hooking up the press credential so Comedy Of Chicago could represent at all these awesome shows.
Hannibal Buress @ Park West

Speaking of once in a lifetime comedy shows, there are a whole bunch of great ones going on tonight.  One show in particular that looks extra bananas is a recent edition I just found out from a little birdie at the Chicago Laugh Factory.... Looking for something to get into on the late night tip? Good cause it's a MIDNIGHT show y'all!!  But get your tickets now because shows have been selling out all over the place, check out the ridiculous lineup.

Lil Rel @ Comedy Bar
Eric Andre
Hannibal Buress
Lil Rel
Adam Ray
Baldhead Phillips
Brian Babylon
Plus more special Guest !!

Woah.. that is a fucking retarded lineup... and special gusts too... and trust me when they say special guest they mean it.. it's been one surprise surprise after another to see who drops in up at the smaller shows... and they've been keeping it up consistently all week long... not to be missed.

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James Allen Kamp