Friday, July 27, 2012

Your Funniest Friends featuring Brody Stevens: By Cole Moser

Brody Stevens
Your Funniest Friends is a comedic collective and showcase founded and produced by Lane Pieschel, Megan Gailey, Matt Riggs, Joe Fernandez and Jeff Steinbrunner. YFF's current home is at The Joynt in River North.

I heard rumor of a separate entrance but unfortunately had to wade through multiple bachelorette parties to get to the comedy. It's in the basement. You can hear awful dance music and vodka cran-fueled shrieking through the ceiling. Basically, YFF is in an underground bunker during the LMFAO Apocalypse. (Editors Note: YFF is not always downstairs, The Joynt is a large venue with multiple rooms... and hey... some us us dig LMAFO and drunk bachelorettes)

Lane Pieschel served as the night's host. He warmed the crowd up with tales from his dead aunt's funeral and how his dad watches his sex tapes with the same skepticism as footage of Bigfoot: "That's just a guy in a woman suit."

Joe Fernandez was next to the mic. He griped about paying too much for health insurance. He's contemplating a paralyzing car accident, just to feel like he's getting his money's worth. In the middle of his set the Raspberry Stoli cacophony overhead reached a crescendo and Joe paused to ask "Does anyone else hear that? Does anyone else's soul hurt? Did everyone think this show was just a prank to get you all to come here?"

Megan Gailey
Next Lane invited "blackhearted cunt" Megan Gailey to the stage. She started with some really great crowd work, riffing spontaneously with the front row. Flirting with a cute front row bro, she quipped "If you went to a Big Ten school or were in the army - I can find you." One of her best jokes was how she looks forward to the Chicago heat because it enables her to wordlessly communicate with old black men. Really impressive set.

Jamie Campbell started off his eventful Saturday night (read more here by telling one extended story peppered with jokes. It centered on being a theater major and ended with a discussion of the one major downside of the reverse cowgirl position. It was very funny. We wish you a speedy recovery, Jamie.

Young gun Lincoln Lodge cast member Dan Ronan took the stage next, joked about Nyquil, sleeping pills and had a funny Filipino grandmother ad lib. He can't go to the bathroom in a movie theater because it will look really racist. And apparently the easiest way to crush Dan's spirit is to adopt a German accent and read through all his sent-but-not-returned text messages.

Brody Stevens is an absolute comedic force. He's been in town for the past week hitting up local showcases. If you haven't had the chance to see him live you are missing out. Body began his fifteen minutes with "I'm a personality guy. If you need jokes and material there are Harvard guys for that." Then he repeatedly reminded the crowd of his 2.52 GPA he earned at Arizona State. So we knew what we were getting into, #positiveenergy. He joked about his unique physical appearance: "I have a part in the new Angry Birds movie" and struggling with depression: "Don't say you have a gun on twitter" followed by "I get lonely. Sometimes I go to the batting cage just to play catch." The distinctiveness of The Joynt also found its way into Brody's stream of consciousness, compelling him to exclaim "I may go upstairs and hook up with one of those Bridezillas!" Good set from a singular performer.

Dan Telfer had the daunting task of following Brody. He met the challenge and capped the night off with opinions on animals of the North Side (raccoons, possums and Rogers Park bees). I've seen him perform variations on this bit a couple times; Dan keeps expanding it and it keeps getting funnier. Also, Dan wanted to let you know that Wrigleyville is the worst parts of Baltimore shitting on Philadelphia and at least a few of its bags-playing denizens are closeted homosexuals. Preorder Dan's new album Tendrils of Ruin here via AST Records.

Your Funniest Friends at The Joynt is a newer show but it boasts talent and potential. Strut over to there some Saturday (catch it tomorrow!!) night with twelve of your sluttiest friends.

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Cole Moser