Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Your room will fail: By Danny Kallas

You wanna know if you're delusional about stand-up comedy? Easy: read the following few paragraphs. If you do NOT agree with me, you are delusional. Plain and simple.

I liked the recent article by Joe Fernandez about what makes a shitty room anywhere and wanted to piggy-back on it and give my opinion on the number one thing that makes a shitty room in Chicago:


If you post those two sentences (or something along those lines) as your Facebook status or in any other social media website or newspaper or whatever, you have a shitty room and I promise you, your room will fail.

You book comedians sight unseen?! Fuck you! I do not care if you have the best stage, the best microphone, the best lighting, the best venue, the best location, the best drink specials, the best food, etc. The only way to build an audience is book top-notch talent every show. Again, the ONLY way to build an audience is to book top-notch talent every show.

When you do not do this, not only will your room fail, but it hurts the odds of people taking a chance on a "non-traditional" comedy room ever again, in turn hurting the odds of people attending a show that is run correctly and hurting the scene as a whole.

That's my opinion about what makes a shit room in Chicago but, hey, what do I know?

FULL DISCLOSURE: If someone does post somewhere saying they need comedians and I'm available, I will hit them up because I need the stage time but, believe me, I know what I'm getting myself into and have never been wrong about how one of those rooms will be, which is shitty. Please stop.

Guest Contributor
Danny Kallas