Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reality check: By Kellye Howard

Dear Comedians:

As comedians, I feel like we put so much into our crafts and at the end of the day, we just want to be accepted. Liked! Appreciated! We write, we do open mics with a total of six people in the crowd that are NOT comedians and well two of them are the bartenders…so four that are not comedians; we travel with every last penny we have left…all to possibly be told, keep working at it buddy, your own your way, but we can’t use you.

I’m so excited about the endless possibilities we have now as artist. With Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo, and funny or die; we can develop quality product that is true to us and not be afraid of rejection. We can just disable the like button and comment section and post away, putting anything we freaking want online for the world to see.

I recently traveled to Vancouver for the NBC Stand-up for Diversity auditions, flew myself out there, booked my own hotel room with my own money, took a train into town, and walked 12 blocks to my hotel with luggage in tow. And didn’t even make it to the showcase. All I could think was, “I’m funny Dammit”. But after being on my high horse and ranting about the mental deficiencies of the casting directors, I finally questioned myself…I said “self, were you as prepared as you could have possibly been?” I said, “self, have you really been true to yourself comically?” And that’s when I realized, it was not the casting directors…it was indeed I!

It was no ones fault at all…but my own. Not sure if anyone will ever even read this, but for the comics who just may…remember that if you don’t believe in your material, your craft, your work…why in the hell should anyone else?

I came home, I rewrote a few jokes, and I hit a few more stages and started over. Why? Because the world needs me. I am a comedic healer, better known as Doctor Kellye. I can and will change the world one laugh at a time; I just needed a little reality check before fully proving it to everyone else. So to all the comedians who may have ever thought of giving up…don’t! We need you!

Contributing Writer
Kellye Howard