Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tassel Free Comedy: By Ruth Ruhnke

Thomas Bottoms
Tassel Free Comedy at 240 Lounge is a comedy showcase on Thursday nights, that you may or may not have heard of. I have been to this room several times and there is always a variety of talent levels. Thomas Bottoms is the booker/producer.

Nearby and outdoors is your typical busy Chicago neighborhood. There is street parking and nearby are many food options ranging from Ethnic to nationally recognized chains. I was not brave enough to try out the ethnic food this time, but I like new things so perhaps another time ... to me good food is a great excuse for me to come to any show and this neighborhood is one source of fascination to me. We got a chance to check out Pollo Campero which was a friendly chicken place with a nice selection of items. Also nearby is a Starbucks, McD’s, Walgreens, a Staples (just in case you are a nerd and run out of paper clips) ... oh yeah and The Admiral Theater.

Other things I like about 240 Lounge showcase? Excellent place to hone your skills on stage and talk with other performers who have been at for a while. The environment is casual and the room is long with a bar that runs the length of the room. The sound carried all the way from the front to the back of the room without too much trouble. It’s a cozy space and the toilet in the bathroom flushes with a pool table in the back and a dart board to the side. It’s your typical bar... and a great home for Comedy. The energy for joke telling is good. This means a lot to me and I was not stifled in the least and was able to really work my stuff without feeling awkward or judged and I could really let my hair down and spread my wings. Where is all of this nurturing energy coming from I asked myself?

Thomas Bottoms of course is a very funny guy, but he is also a force in Comedy. I have had the opportunity to visit another room which he runs on Monday night, Comedy Cabaret and Open Mic at 3160 N. Clark, and as it seems wherever Thomas Bottoms is, there is an amazing, awesome, wonderful lineup of brilliant comedians who have the ability to bring down the house every time. It’s an honor to be in the same room as Thomas and as far as I am concerned he is someone to make note of.

Sadiq Samani was also there to entertain that night. Not only is talented and funny but also a very nice guy. He is sharp as a box of thumb tacks and you can check out his website here. Sadiq will be leaving soon for NYC and is at present doing his fair well tour. We are lucky to have him here, make sure you find him on twitter and check out his other shows.

Open Mic following Tassel Free showcase at 10:30 - contact Thomas Bottoms if you are interested in performing.

Contributing Writer
Ruth Ruhnke