Friday, November 9, 2012

Hannibal Buress - A Week to Kill - Part 2

All Chicago comedy fans should watch this video of Hannibal Buress (A Week to Kill - Part 2, Comedy Central Stand-Up). It's a great inside look into the mind of Buress as he prepares for the taping of his one-hour special.  Also it's filled with cameos like Clark Jones and Will Miles of Two black Dudes and a Open Mic and Sean Flannery performing at the Chicago Underground Comedy showcase. Bert Hass from Zanies even makes an appearance. Anyone familiar with the U.S. comedy scene will tell you Buress is a hot commodity. A local boy made good, if you will, who stays hyper connected locally by always gigging at showcases and open mics when he's in town. This video came out a few months back but I was surprised at how many comedy nerds haven't peeped it yet. All of it was filmed on the streets and comedy clubs of Chicago (the best part is when locals start hamming it up for the camera). Check it out.

James Allen Kamp