Monday, December 10, 2012

Miracle Monday...

People, generally speaking, tend to intensely hate and loathe Mondays... And for good reason, since for most folks it's the end of a small respite of freedom we call the weekend and the start of a rat race, freak show we all know as the working week.

A work week, mind you, that culminates in an explosion of furious activities to designed to entertain and distract oneself from the gloomy fact that the whole vicious cycle will start again in two days.

But fret not gentle readers. We are here to spread the good word that this dreaded day need not be hated quite so much. In fact, Mondays are quite awesome now due to all the high quality, low cost options available to the average Chicago comedy fan. Believe it or not, it's currently one of the best nights to go out and and enjoy some of the finest comedy Chicago has to offer. The ridiculous specials you can find on Mondays don't hurt either. So shake off those start of the week blues and get out there...

Speak Easy Comedy 12/10/12
Stanley's Kitchen and Tap 
A solid choice is the Speak Easy Comedy show right in the heart of Old Town. This is a great line up of accomplished local comedians, plus the specials are CHEAP.
Host: Kyle Scanlan
Chris Stephens
Trey Brown
Liza Treyger
Andrew Smreker
And your headliner...Tyson K!

Beauty Bar Chicago 
A special comedy show at the famous Beauty Bar... should be bananas... 
Puterbaugh Sisterz
Alex Moffatt
Drew Anderson
Chris Howser
Bill Cruz
Joe McAdam
DJ Swaguerilla provides the mean beats....

Another nicely stacked lineup... headlined by the prolific Mike Lebovitz
Your feature comics are:
Rich Zito
Amy Nico Schwartz
Cameron Gillette
Mark Johnson
Colleen Farrell
Bobby Hill
Your headliner: Mike Lebovitz

The Ace Bar
On of the funniest most consistent showcases going... Each show is followed by a dance party. What!?
Sam Norton (HBO’s Lucky 2, World Series of Comedy)
Adam Burke (Bob and Tom show, Just for Laughs)
Chad Briggs ( Impress These Apes former Champion)
AND headlining: Derek Smith (The Lincoln Lodge, Speakeasy Comedy

James Allen Kamp