Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crowd Work with Marty DeRosa

Marty DeRosa is the king of Chicago crowd work. There I said it. Not even trying to create controversy, that's just some true shit. If you don't know what crowd work is, it just means to ad-lib, to improvise and deliver extemporaneously.  And in my opinion this guy is one of the best comics around at going off book (away from prepared material). He does it consistently and at a high level. Marty is fearless about it. He will goes out on a limb and mine the crowd for gold, time after time. Case in point he did about a 15 minute set at the Chicago Laugh Factory and at least 75% of that was crowd work. Marty killed, he was loose, witty, charming and had the crowd cracking up the whole time.  Don't believe me? Watch the video. We edited out any of his traditional bits and tried to leave in mostly crowd work.  I apologize for any shaking of the camera, which happened whenever I couldn't help laughing my ass off.

James Allen Kamp