Friday, February 22, 2013

Marty DeRosa interviews Eric Andre!

Check out this brief clip of Chicago comedian Marty DeRosa interviewing Eric Andre over some delicious looking hangover brunch/breakfast. If you don't know who Eric Andre is, you should get familiar. We caught him performing several times at the JFL festival last year and his manic comedic  style is as hilarious as it is hard to describe.  He performs all over the country, has appeared on Jimmy Fallon and oh yeah... has his own freaking talk show. The New York Times had this to say about Andre's aptly titled The Eric Andre Show on the Adult Swim Network

"What distinguishes these anti-talk shows is their stars’ sensibility. Mr. Andre, a stand-up with a lopsided smile, has nervy, flailing energy. He is either barreling forward, as in one video stunt in which he crashed a Civil War re-enactment dressed as an escaped slave begging for refuge; or falling apart, defeated, humiliated, often nude. His performance has a reckless volatility bubbling up close to the surface."

Directed by Michael Sanchez and edited by Tim Barnes.  Check it out.

James Allen Kamp