Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars + Chicago comedy news...

Happy post Oscars day. Was everybody and their mama live tweeting about the Oscars last night or what? I almost jumped on the live tweet bandwagon as well, but after observing all the chatter, snarky comments, microscope critiquing and just poorly thought out offensive comments from a huge media cooperation, thought the better of it.  I mean really, if Patton Oswalt is live tweeting and serving up the fresh snark at #oscars, what more can we possibly to bring to the table? Nada. I leave it to the professionals. OK... We will say this.  Seth MacFarlane was _____ (fill in the blank cause it seems like everybody has an opinion). Hey say what you want about his humour style, but where else but in American could a man who is essentially a voice over actor and writer for a cartoon show host the most prestigious cinema award show in the freaking world. Oscars baby!

Anyhow... Chicago comedy sure has been in the local news a lot lately. We put together a few summaries of some recent press with links for folks to follow. Love how it seems, at least to me, that the scene is getting more and more press.  It's nice to know there is something real going on thats starting to get on peoples radar, and not just from comics and hard core fans.  There was an interesting article in "Chicago Now" about what an aspiring performer's chances are for success once they move here.  The piece is more improv based but still a good read with solid generalist info/advice.

The Chicago tribune just published an article about whether or not performers should get get paid at IO and other improv/sketch theaters throughout Chicago and the nation. Also an improv based article but a good read. On a side note, here's a tidbit for all you improv folks, most stand up comics who headline and feature, at even the smaller showcases, are getting paid. It ain't much, but something to think about in case you want to  diversify.

The local CBS local affiliate ran a story and video clip about the "Jokes and Notes" comedy club and its owner Mary Lindsey. If your not familiar with Jokes and Notes you should be. It's one of the most successful clubs in the city and has launched the career of dozens of comedians. It's in the Bronzeville neighborhood on 47th and MLK, and only 5 minutes or so from the loop on LSD. We recommend it.

And finally an excellent piece about all the Monday open mic shows happening in the Lakeveiw and Wrigleyville neighborhoods. Seriously... there's like nine solid open mics going on tonight (Schubas Open Mic will probably be the most kick ass and crowded), so get out there.

James Allen kamp