Tuesday, March 12, 2013

JFL Audition Shows 2013!

Yes indeed, it's Just For Laughs Audition week! In case you live in a cave, JFL is one of the largest comedy festivals in the world. It comes to Chicago every summer like humidity and disappointing Cubs baseball, except it's f*cking fun. There are THREE big audition shows going on this week and all of them are stacked with powerhouse local comedians looking to get a slot in the festival.

Of course there will be some glaring omissions on the list of Chicago comics that got invited to participate and some veterans may grumble about the quality control of the selection process or the credentials of judges at the shows. But the bottom line is JFL is a huge opportunity to participate for comedians that wait their whole professional life for a "big break". And to be quite honest JFL's gets exponentially better every year.  2012's festival was a whirlwind of A list comedians practicing the art of comedy and it was a real joy to witness so many Chicago sourced comics (both past and present) destroying room after room. The big shows, the small shows, the secret shows, all utilized local comics in some capacity doing their thing at a high level.  So with out further ado check out the sick ass lineups this week for all three shows and then get out there and support.

The beat Kitchen 2100 W Belmont
Sean Flannery (Host)
Kristin Clifford,
Cody Melcher,
Joe Fernandez,
Rebecca O’Neal,
Matt Riggs,
Ever Mainard,
Peter-john Byrnes,
Candy Lawrence,
Bryan Bowden,
Bill Cruz,
Katie McVay,
Chad Briggs,
Mike Stanley,
The Puterbaugh Sisters,
Mike Lebovitz
Adam Burke.

ONLY $5, At The Lincoln Restaurant,  4008 N. Lincoln Ave
Kelsie Huff
Charlie Bury
Martin Morrow
Liza Treyger
Jeff Steinbrunner
Caitlin Bergh
Joe McAdam
Julia Solomon
Chris Condren
Derek Smith
Saurin Choksi
Kenny DeForest
Ricky Gonzalez

JFL Audition @ The Comedy Bar

157, W Ontario, Chicago Il.
FREE ONLINE. $10 At door.

Get free tickets by using promo code JFL13 at checkout!* 
Drew Frees (host)

Ricarlo Flanagan
Joe Kilgallon
Megan Gailey
Russ Williamson
Clark Jones
Danny Kallas
Matty Ryan
Marty Derosa
Brad Stewart
Derik Lengwenus
Pat Mcgann
Ted Tremper
Aaron Weaver

TICKETS AND SHOW INFO: http://comedybarchicago.com/

James Allen Kamp