Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nerdist News: 4 Funny Female Comedians You Need To know

Beth Stelling
(The following intro is re-posted from a article about 4 of the funniest  female comedians in the country, one of which is Chicago's own Beth Stelling. Enjoy!

Eighty years ago (on April 26, 1933), the world became a markedly funnier place thanks, in no small part, to the birth of Carol Burnett. Eighty years later, the trailblazing comedienne is still kicking ass, taking names and making us laugh on and off-screen. To celebrate her birthday, we're paying it forward by shining the spotlight on the next generation of laughter-purveying ladies that you need to know.

Tig Notaro - Dealing with tragic news is never easy, but getting up on stage and talking about it immediately afterwards is mind-boggling. Last year, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Tig Notaro took the stage at Los Angeles' Largo theater and delivered a now legendary stand-up set that tackled the subject head on (and was later released as an album, Live). Louis CK, who was watching from the wings, called it “an amazing example of what comedy can be.” We call it one of the most inspiring, honest and, yes, hilarious sets we've ever heard despite its gallows humor subject matter. The next time you're having a bad day, listen to Tig and we guarantee it'll get better.

Beth Stelling - Recently featured on Chris Hardwick's annual Nerdist Stand-Up Cluster, Beth Stelling is a rising star in the world of stand-up and her razor sharp wit combined with her girl next door aesthetic make for a powerfully funny combination. In addition to a recent appearance on Conan, Stelling is one of the most LOL-inducing ladies on Twitter, offering up gems like: "3 of you have expressed interest in what I look like naked. I can’t share that, but a gander at any nude painting from 1625 should suffice.”

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