Friday, May 17, 2013

JFL UPDATE: Complete List of Chicago comics!

Pow! As promised, we have compiled a "complete" list of all the local Chicago comedians performing in the Just for Laughs Chicago Festival. And let me tell you folks, the list is freaking huge. Which is sort of a relief because rumors of budgetary cutbacks had folks involved in the local scene slightly concerned about the possibility that JFL would have to scale things back and not be able stay committed to booking local Chicago talent. But never fear... It looks like there are more Chicago comics in this years festival than ever before.

We attempted to make the list as complete as possible but we're going on just what's been published on the JFL website and then compiled it together. So don't yell at us if you don't see your name, or the name of your favorite comic who told you they were in JFL.  If you see an omission, let us know and we will confirm. Also this is a JFL list of current Chicago based comics, so we tried not to include comics that have moved (couple exceptions), or are already relatively famous in the comedy universe (Hannibal Buress, Pete homes Kyle Kinane etc).  So... Without further ado here is the complete 2013 JFL List of Chicago comics! (Names in red link to bio)

Adam Burke
Ali Clayton
B Cole
Bald Head Phillips
Ben Bergman
Bill Cruz
Brandi Denise
Brandon Glover
Brian Babylon
Brian Bowden
Brian "Da Wildcat" Smith
Calvin Evans
Cameron Esposito
Candy Lawrence
Chad Briggs
Chastity Washington
Clark Jones
Chris Redd
Cody Wilkins
Damon Williams
David Helem
Drew Frees
EM Brown
Erika Edwards
Ever Mainard
Frank Townsend
Jesnaira Baez
Joe Jillgallon
Junior Stopka
Katie McVay
Kellye Howard
Kevin Williams
Lem Slaughter
Lil Rel
Lindsay Adams
Liza Treyger
Marc Henderson
Marlon Mitchell
Martin Morrow
Marty DeRosa
Marvin Phipps
Matt Riggs
Matty Ryan
Meechie Hall
Megan Gailey
Mike Lebovitz
Mike Bober
Mike Stanley
Peter john-Byrnes
Puterbaugh Sisters
Rasa Gierstikas
Reena Calm
Schmitty B
Sean Flannery
Susan Messing
Vince Acevelo
Willie Lynch Jr.